Braces and Invisalign

Braces and Invisalign

Braces are dental tools that help correct problems with your teeth, like crowding, crooked teeth, or teeth that are out of alignment, and some people get braces to adjust their smile.

Many people get braces when they’re teenagers, but adults get them too. As you wear them, braces slowly straighten and align your teeth so you have a normal bite.

Traditional braces realign teeth by applying pressure. They usually consist of small brackets cemented to your teeth, connected by a wire, which is periodically tightened by your dentist or orthodontist to gradually shift your teeth and jaw.

Another option offered at AB Dental is Invisalign, which is much more comfortable than traditional metal bracket braces and can give you stunning results.
Invisalign uses a series of customized, clear aligners to gradually straighten your teeth with fewer office visits than traditional braces. They’re removable, near-invisible, and customized for your smile.

When you come to AB Dental for your free consultation, we’ll take photos and X-rays to create a 3D image of your mouth. We make your first set of custom-fitted aligners from these images, and then you begin the process of straightening your teeth.

You’ll start to notice a change in just a few months!