General Dentistry

While we encourage practicing healthy oral care at home with brushing and flossing, routine dental examinations and ultrasonic cleanings are an important part of maintaining a healthy, beautiful smile. At AB Dental Center, we work with state-of-the-art technology to provide you and your family the best dental care possible. Additionally, we provide you with preventative dental care such as fluoride treatments, sealants, and more. Our general dentistry and preventative dentistry services include:

family dental care


During your biannual cleanings, we carefully remove any tartar and plaque built up on your teeth. Then, we thoroughly floss between each tooth and polish the surfaces for a smooth, clean finish.


Digital X-rays allow us to capture a high-definition image that shows the underlying structure of your teeth, gums, and jawbone. There’s no need for uncomfortable procedures or other devices associated with conventional X-rays, and this method emits significantly less radiation, making it safer for patients.


During an exam, our team of dental professionals examines your mouth to determine the condition of your teeth, gums, tongue, and other tissue. We search for issues like decay and infection, and we check any restorations you have like bridges or crowns to make sure they’re still in good condition.

AB Dental Center takes the time to ensure your oral health stays in top condition with thorough general dentistry. By fulfilling your routine cleanings, exams, and other dental care, we keep your teeth clean and spot issues like decay, gum disease, and oral cancer while they’re still in their early stages. Doing so allows us to treat your dental issues quickly and more simply, giving you the easiest recovery possible.